Title Consumption of antimicrobial agents in thailand in 2017 / Thai Working Group on Health Policy and Systems Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (HPSR-AMR).
Publication Nonthaburi : International Health Policy Program , 2018
Detail 62 หน้า : image ; 29 cm
Link http://www.sem100library.in.th/medias/14897.pdf
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This is the first report on the surveillance of antimicrobial consumption in both humans and animals in Thailand. It provides baseline data in 2017 to monitor the NSP-AMR (2017-2021) goals, which are set at a 20% and 30% reduction of antimicrobial consumption in humans and animals, respectively. This report in veterinary antimicrobials focuses primarily on food-producing animals, excluding consumption in companion animals, for capturing the volume and value of imports and the local manufacture of all medicines including human and veterinary antimicrobials.


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